General information postcode sector CF64 2

The CF64 2 postcode district is part of Wales

SectorCF64 2

Postcodes of sector CF64 2

Postcodes sector CF64 2 has 204 full postcodes

CF64 2AA CF64 2AB CF64 2AD CF64 2AE CF64 2AF CF64 2AG CF64 2AH CF64 2AJ CF64 2AL CF64 2AN CF64 2AP CF64 2AQ CF64 2BH CF64 2BU CF64 2EA CF64 2ET CF64 2EU CF64 2EW CF64 2EX CF64 2EY CF64 2EZ CF64 2HR CF64 2JA CF64 2JB CF64 2JQ CF64 2JR CF64 2JS CF64 2JT CF64 2JU CF64 2JW CF64 2JX CF64 2JY CF64 2JZ CF64 2LA CF64 2LB CF64 2LD CF64 2LE CF64 2LF CF64 2LG CF64 2LH CF64 2LJ CF64 2LL CF64 2LN CF64 2LP CF64 2LR CF64 2LS CF64 2LT CF64 2LU CF64 2LW CF64 2LX CF64 2LY CF64 2LZ CF64 2NA CF64 2NB CF64 2ND CF64 2NE CF64 2NF CF64 2NG CF64 2NH CF64 2NJ CF64 2NL CF64 2NN CF64 2NP CF64 2NQ CF64 2NR CF64 2NS CF64 2NT CF64 2NU CF64 2NW CF64 2NY CF64 2NZ CF64 2PA CF64 2PB CF64 2PD CF64 2PE CF64 2PF CF64 2PG CF64 2PH CF64 2PJ CF64 2PL CF64 2PN CF64 2PQ CF64 2PR CF64 2PS CF64 2PT CF64 2PU CF64 2PW CF64 2PX CF64 2PY CF64 2PZ CF64 2QA CF64 2QB CF64 2QD CF64 2QE CF64 2QF CF64 2QG CF64 2QH CF64 2QJ CF64 2QL CF64 2QN CF64 2QP CF64 2QQ CF64 2QR CF64 2QS CF64 2QT CF64 2QU CF64 2QW CF64 2QX CF64 2QY CF64 2QZ CF64 2RA CF64 2RB CF64 2RD CF64 2RE CF64 2RF CF64 2RG CF64 2RH CF64 2RJ CF64 2RL CF64 2RN CF64 2RP CF64 2RQ CF64 2RR CF64 2RS CF64 2RT CF64 2RU CF64 2RW CF64 2RX CF64 2RY CF64 2RZ CF64 2SA CF64 2SB CF64 2SD CF64 2SE CF64 2SF CF64 2SG CF64 2SH CF64 2SL CF64 2SN CF64 2SP CF64 2SQ CF64 2SR CF64 2SS CF64 2ST CF64 2SU CF64 2SW CF64 2SX CF64 2SY CF64 2SZ CF64 2TA CF64 2TB CF64 2TD CF64 2TE CF64 2TF CF64 2TG CF64 2TH CF64 2TJ CF64 2TL CF64 2TN CF64 2TP CF64 2TQ CF64 2TR CF64 2TS CF64 2TT CF64 2TU CF64 2TW CF64 2TX CF64 2TY CF64 2TZ CF64 2UA CF64 2UB CF64 2UD CF64 2UE CF64 2UF CF64 2UW CF64 2UX CF64 2UY CF64 2UZ CF64 2WA CF64 2WB CF64 2WD CF64 2WE CF64 2WF CF64 2WG CF64 2WH CF64 2WJ CF64 2WL CF64 2WN CF64 2WP CF64 2WQ CF64 2WR CF64 2WT CF64 2XL CF64 2XP CF64 2XQ CF64 2XS CF64 2XW CF64 2XX CF64 2YA CF64 2YE CF64 2YG CF64 2YT CF64 2YU CF64 2ZA

CF64 2 op the map

Places located in sector CF64 2 in Wales

Streets located in postcode sector CF64 2

Agnes Street Albert Road Andrew Road Ash Grove Barberry Rise Beaumont Court Bedwas Place Belle Vue Close Bradenham Place Bramble Rise Brangwyn Close Bridge Street Byron Court Byron Place Canon walk Cardiff Road Catkin Drive Cawnpore Street Ceiriog Close Charlotte Street Chaucer Close Church View Close Cogan Pill Road Coleridge Avenue Corbett Road Corinthian Close Cornerswell Place Cornerswell Road Cowper Close Cowslip Drive Cwrt St. Cyres Dingle Road Dochdwy Road Dock Street Downfield Close Dryden Road Dylan Close Erw'r-Delyn Close Fairfield Road Fennel Close Fieldview Close Foxglove Rise Gainsborough Road Goscombe Drive Grassmere Close Greenhaven Rise Greenway Close Grove Place Grove Terrace Harriet Street Hastings Avenue Hastings Close Hastings Place Heath Avenue Herbert Terrace Hewell Street Hickman Road Ivy Street Joseph Parry Close Kipling Close Leckwith Road Lewis Road Little Dock Street Llandough Hill Machen Street Masefield Road Milton Road Mountjoy Avenue Mountjoy Close Mountjoy Crescent Mountjoy Place Norris Close Oakwood Close Old Barry Road Orchard Rise Pant y Celyn Road Pembridge Drive Penlan Rise Penlan Road Pill Street Pinewood Close Railway Terrace Redlands Avenue Redlands Road Rudry Street Salisbury Avenue Shakespeare Avenue Shelley Crescent Spencer Drive St Cyres Road St. Cyres Close Stanwell Road Sully Road Summerland Close Summerland Crescent Sundew Close Sycamore Close Teasel Avenue Tennyson Road Tuscan Close Uplands Crescent Vale View Close Vale View Crescent Waverley Close West Terrace Willowmere Wood Street Woodland Drive Woodland Place Wordsworth Avenue