General information postcode sector CF64 4

The CF64 4 postcode district is part of Wales

SectorCF64 4

Postcodes of sector CF64 4

Postcodes sector CF64 4 has 193 full postcodes

CF64 4AA CF64 4AB CF64 4AD CF64 4AE CF64 4AF CF64 4AG CF64 4AH CF64 4AJ CF64 4AL CF64 4AN CF64 4AP CF64 4AQ CF64 4AR CF64 4AS CF64 4AT CF64 4AU CF64 4AW CF64 4AX CF64 4AY CF64 4AZ CF64 4BA CF64 4BD CF64 4BE CF64 4BF CF64 4BG CF64 4BH CF64 4BJ CF64 4BL CF64 4BR CF64 4BS CF64 4BT CF64 4BU CF64 4BW CF64 4BX CF64 4BY CF64 4BZ CF64 4DA CF64 4DB CF64 4DD CF64 4DE CF64 4DF CF64 4DG CF64 4DH CF64 4DJ CF64 4DL CF64 4DN CF64 4DP CF64 4DQ CF64 4DR CF64 4DS CF64 4DT CF64 4DU CF64 4DW CF64 4HA CF64 4HB CF64 4HD CF64 4HE CF64 4HF CF64 4HG CF64 4HH CF64 4HJ CF64 4HL CF64 4HN CF64 4HP CF64 4HQ CF64 4HR CF64 4HS CF64 4HT CF64 4JJ CF64 4JL CF64 4JN CF64 4JP CF64 4JQ CF64 4JR CF64 4JS CF64 4JT CF64 4JU CF64 4JW CF64 4JX CF64 4JY CF64 4JZ CF64 4LA CF64 4LB CF64 4LD CF64 4LE CF64 4LF CF64 4LG CF64 4LH CF64 4LJ CF64 4LL CF64 4LN CF64 4LP CF64 4LQ CF64 4LR CF64 4NG CF64 4NH CF64 4NJ CF64 4NL CF64 4NN CF64 4NP CF64 4NQ CF64 4NR CF64 4NS CF64 4NT CF64 4NU CF64 4NW CF64 4NX CF64 4NY CF64 4NZ CF64 4PA CF64 4PB CF64 4PD CF64 4PE CF64 4PF CF64 4PG CF64 4PH CF64 4PJ CF64 4PL CF64 4PN CF64 4PP CF64 4PQ CF64 4PR CF64 4PS CF64 4PT CF64 4PU CF64 4PW CF64 4PX CF64 4PY CF64 4PZ CF64 4QA CF64 4QJ CF64 4QL CF64 4QN CF64 4QP CF64 4QQ CF64 4QR CF64 4QS CF64 4QT CF64 4QU CF64 4QW CF64 4QX CF64 4QY CF64 4QZ CF64 4RA CF64 4RB CF64 4RD CF64 4RE CF64 4RF CF64 4RG CF64 4SA CF64 4TA CF64 4TB CF64 4TD CF64 4TE CF64 4TF CF64 4TG CF64 4TH CF64 4TJ CF64 4TL CF64 4TN CF64 4TP CF64 4TQ CF64 4TR CF64 4TS CF64 4TT CF64 4TU CF64 4TW CF64 4TX CF64 4TY CF64 4TZ CF64 4UA CF64 4UB CF64 4UD CF64 4UE CF64 4UF CF64 4UG CF64 4UH CF64 4UJ CF64 4UL CF64 4UN CF64 4UP CF64 4UQ CF64 4WY CF64 4XB CF64 4YA CF64 4YB CF64 4YF CF64 4YN CF64 4YP CF64 4YR CF64 4ZG CF64 4ZH CF64 4ZX

CF64 4 op the map

Places located in sector CF64 4 in Wales

Streets located in postcode sector CF64 4

Aberdovey Close Albert Road Ashgrove Barry Road Beauville Lane Britway Road Brookside Ca'r Pwll Cae Garw Cae'r Odyn Caerleon Road Caernarvon Close Caerphilly Close Cardiff Road Cardigan Close Cardigan Road Carmarthen Road Castle Close Castle Drive Cefn Mount Celtic Green Chamberlain Row Chapel Close Chapel Row Cherry Close Chestnut Close Conway Close Criccieth Court Croffta Cross Common Road Denbigh Road Denys Close Drylla Dunraven Close Eastbrook Close Edith Road Elm Grove Lane Elm Grove Place Elm Grove Road Fairoaks Georges Row Greenfield Avenue Greenmeadow Close Harlech Close Harlech Drive Hawthorn Close Hazel Grove Heol Y Frenhines Heol-Y-Cawl Highfield Close Highwalls Avenue Highwalls End Highwalls Road Jestyn Close Kings Court Kings Ride Laburnum Way Lee Close Lettons Way Little Orchard Llandilo Close Llandyfrig Close Longmeadow Drive Madoc Close Manorbier Close Merevale Mill Close Mill Road Millbrook Close Millbrook Heights Millbrook Road Mount Road Murch Crescent Murch Road Nightingale Place Orchard Crescent Park Road Pembroke Close Pen-y-Turnpike Road Pen-y-Waun Perclose Plas Essyllt Powys Close Powys Drive Powys Gardens Powys Place Raglan Close Railway Terrace Rhuddlan Way Robin Hill Sir Ivor Place Southra St Ambrose Close St Andrew's Road St Cadoc's Avenue St David Avenue St Donats Close St Illtyd Close St Nicholas Close St Teilo Close St. Baruch Close St. Dyfrig Close St. Gwynnos Close St. Lythan Close St. Pauls Close St. Winifreds Close Stacey Road Station Road Sunnycroft Close Sunnycroft Lane Sunnycroft Rise Sycamore Close Tenby Close The Drive The Mount The Square Turnpike Close Twyncyn Vale Court Wellwood Drive Wesley Court Westra Windyridge