General information postcode sector LS23 6

The LS23 6 postcode district is part of the Yorkshire and the Humber region in England

UK regionYorkshire and the Humber
SectorLS23 6

Postcodes of sector LS23 6

Postcodes sector LS23 6 has 280 full postcodes

LS23 6AA LS23 6AD LS23 6AG LS23 6AH LS23 6AJ LS23 6AL LS23 6AN LS23 6AP LS23 6AQ LS23 6AR LS23 6AS LS23 6AT LS23 6AU LS23 6AW LS23 6AX LS23 6AY LS23 6AZ LS23 6BA LS23 6BB LS23 6BD LS23 6BE LS23 6BF LS23 6BG LS23 6BH LS23 6BJ LS23 6BL LS23 6BN LS23 6BP LS23 6BQ LS23 6BR LS23 6BS LS23 6BT LS23 6BU LS23 6BW LS23 6BX LS23 6BY LS23 6BZ LS23 6DA LS23 6DB LS23 6DD LS23 6DE LS23 6DF LS23 6DG LS23 6DH LS23 6DJ LS23 6DL LS23 6DN LS23 6DP LS23 6DQ LS23 6DR LS23 6DS LS23 6DT LS23 6DU LS23 6DW LS23 6DX LS23 6DY LS23 6DZ LS23 6EA LS23 6EB LS23 6ED LS23 6EE LS23 6EF LS23 6EG LS23 6EH LS23 6EJ LS23 6EL LS23 6EN LS23 6EP LS23 6EQ LS23 6ER LS23 6ES LS23 6ET LS23 6EU LS23 6EW LS23 6EX LS23 6EY LS23 6EZ LS23 6FA LS23 6FB LS23 6FD LS23 6FE LS23 6FF LS23 6FG LS23 6FH LS23 6FJ LS23 6FL LS23 6FN LS23 6FP LS23 6FQ LS23 6FR LS23 6FS LS23 6GH LS23 6GX LS23 6GY LS23 6GZ LS23 6HA LS23 6HB LS23 6HD LS23 6HE LS23 6HF LS23 6HG LS23 6HH LS23 6HJ LS23 6HL LS23 6HN LS23 6HP LS23 6HQ LS23 6HR LS23 6HS LS23 6HT LS23 6HU LS23 6HW LS23 6HX LS23 6HY LS23 6HZ LS23 6JA LS23 6JB LS23 6JD LS23 6JE LS23 6JF LS23 6JG LS23 6JH LS23 6JJ LS23 6JL LS23 6JN LS23 6JP LS23 6JQ LS23 6JR LS23 6JS LS23 6JT LS23 6JU LS23 6JW LS23 6JX LS23 6JY LS23 6JZ LS23 6LA LS23 6LB LS23 6LD LS23 6LE LS23 6LF LS23 6LG LS23 6LH LS23 6LJ LS23 6LL LS23 6LN LS23 6LP LS23 6LQ LS23 6LR LS23 6LS LS23 6LT LS23 6LU LS23 6LW LS23 6LX LS23 6LY LS23 6LZ LS23 6NA LS23 6NB LS23 6ND LS23 6NE LS23 6NF LS23 6NG LS23 6NH LS23 6NJ LS23 6NL LS23 6NN LS23 6NP LS23 6NQ LS23 6NR LS23 6NS LS23 6NT LS23 6NU LS23 6NW LS23 6NX LS23 6NY LS23 6NZ LS23 6PA LS23 6PB LS23 6PD LS23 6PE LS23 6PF LS23 6PG LS23 6PH LS23 6PJ LS23 6PL LS23 6PN LS23 6PP LS23 6PQ LS23 6PR LS23 6PS LS23 6PT LS23 6PU LS23 6PW LS23 6PX LS23 6PY LS23 6PZ LS23 6QA LS23 6QB LS23 6QD LS23 6QF LS23 6QG LS23 6QH LS23 6QJ LS23 6QN LS23 6QP LS23 6QQ LS23 6QR LS23 6QS LS23 6QT LS23 6QU LS23 6QW LS23 6QX LS23 6QY LS23 6QZ LS23 6RA LS23 6RB LS23 6RD LS23 6RE LS23 6RF LS23 6RG LS23 6RH LS23 6RJ LS23 6RL LS23 6RN LS23 6RP LS23 6RQ LS23 6RR LS23 6RS LS23 6RT LS23 6RU LS23 6RW LS23 6RX LS23 6RY LS23 6RZ LS23 6SA LS23 6SB LS23 6SD LS23 6SE LS23 6SF LS23 6SG LS23 6SH LS23 6SJ LS23 6SL LS23 6SN LS23 6SP LS23 6SQ LS23 6SR LS23 6SS LS23 6ST LS23 6SU LS23 6SW LS23 6SX LS23 6SY LS23 6SZ LS23 6TA LS23 6TB LS23 6TD LS23 6TE LS23 6TF LS23 6TG LS23 6TH LS23 6TJ LS23 6TL LS23 6TN LS23 6TP LS23 6TQ LS23 6TR LS23 6TT LS23 6TU LS23 6TW LS23 6TX LS23 6TZ LS23 6UL LS23 6UN LS23 6UT LS23 6UW LS23 6UZ LS23 6WB LS23 6WD LS23 6WH LS23 6ZA

LS23 6 op the map

Places located in sector LS23 6 in England

Streets located in postcode sector LS23 6

Aberford Road Albion Close Albion Street Almshouse Hill Appletree Close Ashmead Back Lane Back Street Beech Road Beeches End Bellwood Avenue Bolton Way Bowcliffe Road Bownas Road Bradfords Close Bramble Avenue Bramham Road Bridge Close Bridge Garth Bridge Road Burns Way Byland Close Carleton Close Carleton Drive Chaly Fields Chapel Lane Chestnut Avenue Chestnut End Chestnut Grove Church Fields Close Church Hill Church Meadows Church Mews Church Street Church View Mews Cinder Lane Clarendon Road Clifford Moor Road Clifford Road Crag Gardens Croft Drive Croft Road Cropstones Deepdale Lane Egglestone Square Fieldhead Court Fieldhead Paddock Fine Garth Close Firbeck Road Folly Lane Folly View Fossards Close Fountains Avenue Freely Fields Freely Lane Front Street Gas works lane Green Lane Green Lea Close Greystone Close Grove Crescent Grove Crescent South Grove Gardens Grove Place Grove Road Hall Close Hall Mews Hampole Road Hampole Way Hayfield Avenue Heath Drive Heathfield Lane Helmsley Road High Street Holgate Lane Holly Bush Court Holly Road Holme Farm Lane Ivy Lane Jackdaw Lane Jervaulx Close Lairum Rise Lea Croft Lee Orchards Leys Lane Lime Tree Avenue Lime Tree Gardens Ling Croft Lodge Gardens Lonsdale Meadows Low Way Lyndon Avenue Lyndon Close Lyndon Crescent Lyndon Road Lyndon Square Lyndon Way Lynton Avenue Meadow Close Meadow Lane Mill Dam Milnthorpe Close Milnthorpe Gardens Milnthorpe Garth Milnthorpe Lane Milnthorpe Way Moor Avenue Moor End Moor End Gardens Moor Side New Mill Lane New Road Nunnery Way Nursery Way Oaks Lane Old Mill Lane Orchard Court Oxclose Road Oxclose Walk Paradise Way Park Road Parkfield Drive Pine Tree Avenue Primrose Lane Prospect Bank Queen's Road Rhodes Lane Rievaulx Close River View Riverdale Gardens Rosedale Rise Royal Terrace Slade Close South Approach Spa Lane Spa Mews Springfield St Edward's Wood St John's View St Luke's Close St Mary's Street St. John's Road Stables Lane Tenter Hill The Close The Copse The Crag The Knoll The Moorlands The Square Thorner Lane Toulston Lane Tow Bank Close Town Hill Vicarage Lane West Avenue West Dale West End Westwood Cottages Westwood Way Wetherby Road Whitham Close Wickham Avenue Wickham Close Willow Avenue Willow Crescent Willow Glade Willow Grove Willow Lane Windmill Road Winnow Lane Woodlea Woodside Road