General information postcode sector YO16 6

The YO16 6 postcode district is part of the Yorkshire and the Humber region in England

UK regionYorkshire and the Humber
SectorYO16 6

Postcodes of sector YO16 6

Postcodes sector YO16 6 has 183 full postcodes

YO16 6AB YO16 6EB YO16 6ED YO16 6EL YO16 6EP YO16 6ER YO16 6ES YO16 6ET YO16 6EU YO16 6EX YO16 6EY YO16 6EZ YO16 6FA YO16 6FB YO16 6FD YO16 6FF YO16 6FG YO16 6FH YO16 6FJ YO16 6FL YO16 6FN YO16 6FQ YO16 6FR YO16 6FS YO16 6FW YO16 6FX YO16 6FY YO16 6FZ YO16 6GA YO16 6GB YO16 6GD YO16 6GE YO16 6GF YO16 6GG YO16 6GH YO16 6GJ YO16 6GL YO16 6GN YO16 6GP YO16 6GQ YO16 6GR YO16 6GS YO16 6GT YO16 6GU YO16 6GW YO16 6GX YO16 6GY YO16 6GZ YO16 6HA YO16 6HB YO16 6HD YO16 6HE YO16 6HF YO16 6HG YO16 6HH YO16 6HJ YO16 6HL YO16 6HN YO16 6HP YO16 6HQ YO16 6HR YO16 6HS YO16 6HT YO16 6HU YO16 6HW YO16 6HX YO16 6HY YO16 6HZ YO16 6JA YO16 6JJ YO16 6QT YO16 6QU YO16 6QX YO16 6QY YO16 6QZ YO16 6RA YO16 6RB YO16 6RD YO16 6RE YO16 6RF YO16 6RG YO16 6RH YO16 6RJ YO16 6RL YO16 6RN YO16 6RP YO16 6RQ YO16 6RR YO16 6RS YO16 6RT YO16 6RU YO16 6RW YO16 6RX YO16 6RY YO16 6RZ YO16 6SF YO16 6TA YO16 6TB YO16 6TD YO16 6TE YO16 6TF YO16 6TG YO16 6TH YO16 6TJ YO16 6TL YO16 6TN YO16 6TP YO16 6TQ YO16 6TR YO16 6TS YO16 6TT YO16 6TU YO16 6TW YO16 6TX YO16 6TY YO16 6TZ YO16 6UA YO16 6UB YO16 6UD YO16 6UE YO16 6UF YO16 6UG YO16 6UH YO16 6UJ YO16 6UL YO16 6UN YO16 6UP YO16 6UQ YO16 6UR YO16 6UT YO16 6UU YO16 6UW YO16 6UX YO16 6UY YO16 6UZ YO16 6WN YO16 6WQ YO16 6XA YO16 6XB YO16 6XD YO16 6XE YO16 6XF YO16 6XG YO16 6XH YO16 6XJ YO16 6XL YO16 6XN YO16 6XP YO16 6XQ YO16 6XR YO16 6XS YO16 6XT YO16 6XU YO16 6XW YO16 6XX YO16 6XY YO16 6XZ YO16 6YD YO16 6YE YO16 6YG YO16 6YH YO16 6YJ YO16 6YL YO16 6YN YO16 6YP YO16 6YQ YO16 6YR YO16 6YS YO16 6YT YO16 6YU YO16 6YW YO16 6YX YO16 6YY YO16 6YZ YO16 6ZA YO16 6ZB YO16 6ZD YO16 6ZE YO16 6ZF YO16 6ZJ YO16 6ZP YO16 6ZQ YO16 6ZR

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Places located in sector YO16 6 in England

Streets located in postcode sector YO16 6

Acorn Close Airedale Drive Alton Road Amy Johnson Avenue Annerley Drive Badminton Close Barley Rise Beacon Road Beaulieu Court Beech Drive Bempton Lane Bilsdale Court Bilsdale Crescent Birch Close Bolam Lane Bransdale Road Cadman Road Calderdale Close Carroway Close Castle Howard Close Cedar Court Chestnut Close Cloverley Road Coniston Close Cotterdale Close Coverdale Garth Darwin Road Deepdale Close Derwent Gardens Dovedale Court Easby Close Eleanor Avenue Ennerdale Court Eskdale Drive Fangdale Court Farndale Road Foresters Way Fountains Avenue Givendale Close Glaisdale Close Grasmere Grove Greame Road Greenways Close Greenways Walk Haddon Road Harland Road Headlands Close Headlands Drive Hustler Road Iona Road Jason Close Jewison Lane Keppel Close Keppel Drive Kestrel Drive Kirkham Road Laburnum Court Lambert Road Langdale Court Langdale Mews Limekiln Lane Littondale Court Longleat Avenue Lyth Close Maple Close Maple Road Marton Court Martongate Meadow View Mordacks Close Mordacks Road Mulberry Close Newsham Lane Newtondale Garth Nidderdale Close Nightingale Drive Nightingale Road North Leas Drive North Leas Walk Nostell Close Nostell Grove Nostell Way Oakwell Avenue Oatland Road Omega Close Omega Road Orchard Close Paddock Court Penny Lane Pinfold Lane Plantation View Poplar Drive Quay Road Queensgate Ribblesdale Close Rigby Close Rosewood Close Rudding Drive Ryeland Avenue Sandgate Road Sands Lane Sandsacre Avenue Sandsacre Drive Sandsacre Road Sandsacre Way Scargate Close Sewerby Road Short Lane St Columba Road Stowe Garth Studley Meadows Swaledale Mews Teesdale Mews The Crayke The Glimpse The Lawns Thixendale Road Thorntondale Drive Tintern Avenue Trentham Close Trentham Drive Trentham Mews Troutsdale Close Ullswater Avenue Viking Road Waterdale Close Wensleydale Close West Crayke Wharfedale Drive Wheatley Drive Wheeldale Court Willow Drive Willowdale Close Windermere Drive Woburn Close Woodlands Close Yordas Court